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Understanding Polycyst Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Introduction Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a health condition that affects women. It causes a woman’s hormones to become out of balance, which can cause a number of symptoms. This can include weight gain, difficulty getting pregnant, and acne. It can also lead to more serious problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Dr. […]

Navigating Menopause: Symptoms, Treatments, and Lifestyle Changes

Introduction Menopause is a natural part of life that happens to every woman. However, the symptoms and lifestyle changes that accompany menopause can be uncomfortable at best and debilitating at worst. Dr. Nadine Haddad suggests, fortunately, there are ways to manage menopause symptoms and make the transition as smooth as possible. This guide will walk you […]